“MOYB does all the bookkeeping for my consulting business. Julie Jenanyan got me set up on QuickBooks, and customized everything for my needs. I highly recommend her services to anyone whose time would be better spent on their business instead of doing the books!” – Jennifer B.

“Julie’s patience, skill, and knowledge in using QuickBooks and computer technology tools helped save me time and aggravation! I will reap the benefits of her services and supportive style throughout the year.” – Carrie H.

“Julie truly has the best interest of the client at heart. She was very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.  I will definitely be using Julie in the future for my small business accounting needs.” – Carlos M.

“I can’t recommend Julie’s services enough.  She has helped me set up my husband’s business on QuickBooks with ease and is super knowledgeable and great to work with.  I have been really happy with her level of support and ongoing suggestions to help make our day-to–day business bookkeeping tasks easier. She is super practical, relaxed and most of all reliable.  I couldn’t have learned QuickBooks without her.  She is truly a professional.” – Cecilia B.

“Julie assessed my sorry quick books attempt and then laid out a plan to sanity. After two months I’m now looking forward to the end of the month so I can feel like a billing wiz.  And I’m even reconciling quick books with my bank statements – because it is fun. “ – Ali V.

“Julie is responsive, quite knowledgeable, and a delight to talk with on the phone and in person. In no time she waved her magic wand and set up my accounts in QuickBooks with ease. She also taught me how to keep records for her without over-organizing myself into a state of complete battiness.“ – Jill C.

“I came across Monkey Off Your Back on Yelp and am THRILLED with Julie.  I have been through four bookkeepers and Julie is GOLD! (Why is it so hard to find a bookkeeper?)  

She helped me fix the QuickBooks MESS that was left by my former bookkeeper and taught me how to do it myself.  She’s very practical in her approach and makes common sense decisions.

And she’s very easy to get along with.  I couldn’t be happier.” – Tara S.

Julie is great! She organized my financial records (personal and business) on QuickBooks, categorized all my transactions, and got everything into a great system so that I could keep track of income and expenses and get ready for taxes. She’s great at explaining things, very flexible and responsive, and listens really well. I recommend her completely! – Matthew Z.

“Julie is fantastic. The perfect mix of know-how and practicality and lovely demeanor. Not rigid, knows QuickBooks, has a great sense of humor, is flexible. I’m so grateful and happy. I learned that I wasn’t as far off as I thought in my current QB efforts, and that there are a few things I could be doing routinely to save me headaches every quarter.” – Katherine E.

“I was referred to Julie by a friend and I owe my friend big time! I have worked with Julie only twice so far and in that short time she has taught me enough about QuickBooks to take over the financial management of our small vineyard and winery. I am a newly retired 37-year veteran educator, and I can say unequivocally that Julie is a master teacher! – Betsy K.

“Julie is great.  I came to her not knowing a thing about bookkeeping or QuickBooks and she was able to help me get my small business organized. She makes everything understandable and relatable to my business.  Julie is also always there for you.  When I working on getting a loan on my house and needed help right away she was there for me when I needed her most.  I look forward to working with Julie more in the future.  Thank you for all of your help, thanks to you I now love QuickBooks and could not imagine life without it! – Emily C.

“I’ve always dreaded the chore of bookkeeping.  Whether it’s balancing my personal checkbook or tracking expenses for my consulting practice, I procrastinated endlessly about these important tasks and they were always hanging over my head.
Enter Julie Jenanyan, who is finally taking this monkey off my back.  Julie knows QuickBooks inside out and makes very short work of tasks that confused me and took me forever.  Not only is she experienced and bright but she’s also non-judgmental and supportive.  It’s such a relief to have turned over my books to Julie so that I am freed up to focus my energies on work for which I am better suited.” – Susan M.

“Helping to run a small business can be draining.  When our accountant left for a one-year sabbatical to Rome I knew I needed to get a better grasp on QuickBooks.  Julie was a fantastic teacher and provided me with the confidence to approach our bookkeeping without dread.  She also helped to set up our new 401K account in QuickBooks and with our 401K provider.  Her fees are more than reasonable and she is a kind person to work with.  Highly recommend her.” – Linda C.