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Isn’t that what we all want? As a small business owner, keeping track of your finances can be a daunting and stressful task. Wouldn’t it be a relief to get that monkey off your back?

We provide bookkeeping services to sole proprietors and service-based businesses seeking to better manage their time, money, and resources, taking the often painful task of bookkeeping and turning it into a collab­o­rative, approachable process.
“Julie assessed my sorry quick books attempt and then laid out a plan to sanity. After two months I’m now looking forward to the end of the month so I can feel like a billing wiz. And I’m even recon­ciling quick books with my bank statements — because it is fun."

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We help you save time, money and, most importantly, allow you to focus on what you do best—manage your business.

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Waving the IRS Red Flag

While we all want to pay as little to Uncle Sam as possible each year, the idea of a tax audit is usually enough to keep us on the straight and narrow. Just in case you are starting to swerve off the “legitimate tax write-off” path, this eye-opening article from CNN Money lists some of […]

5 Must-Have Documents for Grown-ups

Ah, those pesky must-have documents. None of us like to think about them, let alone actually deal with creating them. Yet, as this excellent article from Daily Finance outlines, all “grownups” (I guess that means us) truly need to ensure that we have most of the documents highlighted here. My personal view is that items 1 — 5 […]